Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Apartments for sale in Turkey

Apartments for sale in Turkey offer some of the finest value for money in Europe. In most property markets, regional and national usually the villa or the apartment market will be strong, and of course this is true in Turkey as well, although perhaps the distinctions run along cleaner lines. Apartments in Turkey are vastly popular with overseas buyers. This is because of the market being driven by tourism, and primarily young working/middle class buyers from Britain and Europe. But in Turkey you have markets where young middle/working class buyers are prevalent, and markets where older and wealthier buyers dominate. The markets know what side their bread is butter on and are busy building their infrastructure and securing their growth in these areas.

Apartments in Antalya, Side, Dalaman and Fethiye are the most popular, whereas in places like Kas villas are by far the order of the day. Apartments are often a first choice for investment for buyers for various reasons, it could be budget or maybe they want to tread carefully initially, when they invest in property abroad for the first time. Investors usually then go on to invest further maybe in a different resort and they soon build their property portfolio up. Holiday home buyers either buy an apartment due to budget or they go straight for a villa. A year or so later if they like the area they have bought in, they keep their apartment to rent out and invest in a villa for themselves.

It appears the Turkish apartment market is set to continue going from strength to strength. Since 2002 British investors and holiday home buyers have been the dominant group who have purchased in Turkey, in recent years foreigners especially from the Middle East have been snapping up properties in Turkey to use as second homes or as a rental investment, the current interest for apartments has never been more apparent or in demand.

Owning a property in Turkey means less than a 4 hour flight form the UK, yes a little longer than most European countries however the benefits are worth it but at least you don’t have to fly long haul. All the resorts are close to international airports making transfers around 1 hour or often less. To reach your resort is via shuttle transfer, private car hire, taxi or bus, all made very easy, you can pre book online if you wish. The favourite resorts are Bodrum, Kusadasi, Antalya and Fethiye but in all honesty most resorts along the south coast of Turkey are in demand. Getting around locally is easy, the local bus service is called a Dolmus and they stop anywhere for you. This is a very inexpensive way of either getting around your own resort or visiting others. There is of course the local taxi service also.

Apartments from studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms are available on complexes with landscaped gardens, communal pool and terrace areas plus other onsite facilities. These complexes are often close to beaches, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Throw into the mix 4 or 5 bedroom duplexes and all boxes are well and truly ticked. Do you want privacy? Then opt for a small block of apartments, these blocks may or may not have a communal pool. However if you are close to the beach, do you need a pool? Then there are the larger complexes usually with a large communal pool possibly even two pools of more, terraces for sunbathing and possibly other amenities like a café bar, games room and a gym. The choices are endless; all you need to consider is which will appeal more to you and your family. What are the amenities you would like close by?Generally you will always find supermarkets, local markets, banks and a Pharmacy in the near vicinity. Consider how close you would like restaurants, cafés and bars to you. Do you want to choose a key ready apartment? Maybe a resale or possibly opt for an off plan project. Off plan sometimes offer payment plans and this could be an advantage for you depending on your financial situation. Depending on the developer if you choose to pay all at once you can sometimes acquire the property a little cheaper. We would always recommend you visit the resort you wish to buy in, take a good look around and make sure this is the area for you. Once you have established your preferred location its time to view your portfolio of holiday homes.