Everyday costs of owning a Turkish home

Everyday costs of owning a Turkish home

It is far cheaper to own a property in Turkey than in France, Spain or Italy.  Research tells us that it is about two and a half times cheaper to own a property in Turkey than in Spain.

You will need to pay some annual expenses on your property, including:

  • 0.3% annual property tax calculated on the value of your property.  So, if your property was £100,000 to buy, this equates to £300 per year.
  • £60 annual council tax, paid twice a year, usually in May and November
  • £250 annual home insurance (depending on the size and location of your property)

Property management and maintenance costs
If living in an complex, you may need to pay a management fee, as you do in the UK.  This is to pay for maintenance of the common areas, such as shared pool costs, communal lighting and building insurance.  The fees vary between properties but to give you a guideline, fees are around:

£600 per year for two to three bedroom apartments

£900 per year for detached villas with private pools

Here are some general living costs to give you a more all round picture (in British £s):

I took out the taxi cost as it said 1km was 64p – is that really right?!

Electricity, gas, water, rubbish (monthly)             £72
Cable/ASDL broadband  (monthly)                          £18
Meal in a cheap restaurant                                          £4
Three course meal at a mid range restaurant      £18
Pint of local beer                                                             £1.80

Expats find that once they start to live like a local, they can keep living costs to a minimum. If you enjoy fresh, tasty food, then the Turkish lifestyle will suit you well!